Under Construction

Thanks for visiting my site. I just got it set up on January 20, 2012… and will get some good content on here & a new theme in the next couple weeks.

On this site — I will detail my journey… as an ex-internet marketing baller… who is changing careers to become a full-time real estate investor. It is my vision that this site will help NEW real estate investors by:

  • Giving out helpful tips on real estate wholesale investing
  • Being motivational
  • Connecting the spiritual to the business aspect of wealth
  • Being FUN!

In the meantime — check out my YouTube channel by clicking here.

See ya soon!

-Daniel Wiafe a.k.a. the House Flipping Ninja

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  1. Fonte' says:

    congrats on your firs deal. Hey I’ve been studying and would love if you could give me some tips. I live Near Nashville, TN and I’m about to start my marketing and I’m a little nervous, so hit me up at my email.

    Hopefully we can exchange phone numbers and chat a bit about the biz.


  2. TaNisha says:

    Im am starting soon in real estate investing and im a bit nervous about it. Can you tell me how to strategized on where you were going to hang your bandit signs and did you use any other methods to find buyers and sellers?

    • Hi TaNisha,

      That’s awesome to hear that you’re jumping in the water!

      I place my bandit signs using the following principles:

      * Busy intersections on major crossroads in my city.
      * Places where there is major construction along busy streets that slows down traffic
      * I try to stay away from upper-class areas of town — as the signs will be taken dow quickly by neighborhood “do-gooders”
      * In some places… I like to place 3 bandit signs in a row on 1 side of the intersection

      Other methods used to find buyers & sellers (besides bandit signs):

      * Craigslist for buyers
      * Yellow letters mailed off to cash buyers

      Methods I will be using in the future include:

      * Pay-per-click ads to a website on Google
      * Yellow letters out to absentee owners… who have had their property for over 10 years.

  3. TaNisha says:

    Thanks so much for the info! Keep the vids and the blogs coming. I’m a follower! Would u happen to be in twitter as well?

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