Educational Courses & Blogs the House Flipping Ninja loves:


1. FREE Ninja Tools for House Flippers
This is a one-stop shop for a BUNCH of useful free tools… that you can use to help you in your business… that I have compiled into one place. Click here to check it out >>

2. NINJA 1-on-1 Mentorship Course

Yes! I finally have a mentorship course for students wishing to learn the fine art & science of flipping houses… for cash money. Click here to check it out.

3. Sean Terry’s Flip 2 Freedom program
This is the first program that my partner and I checked out… back in Fall 2011 when we wanted to learn how to flip houses.

Check it out… he has a FREE e-book that he gives you on his website by clicking here… and make sure you subscribe to his weekly podcast on iTunes by clicking here.

4. 123 Flip
The journey of a man who flips both houses and mobile homes. Click here to check it out.

5. Brian Haskins
Great REI blog by Brian Haskins. This guy stresses using virtual assistants (VA’s)… in his business. Click here.

6. Real Estate Wholesaling Explained
My house flipping guru, Iman a.k.a. that Philly Wholesaler Chick. She always has TONS of great info & great interviews with other investors. Click here.



Other Resources the House Flipping Ninja loves:

1. True Wholesaling
Started by my boy R.J. Kearse… this is a #1 premier group on Facebook… that allows you to network & learn with other wholesalers (new & old)… who are cutting deals nationwide. Click here.

2. Freedom$oft
I use this tool to organize my business. This is a MUST have! Click here.

3. Click2Mail
I use this tool to create my postcards. Click here.

4. ListSource
I use this tool to grab up my list of absentee owners for my direct mail campaigns. Click here.

5. Zillow
I use this FREE tool to get free comps on properties. Click here.

6. My House Deals dot Com
This is a GREAT place to find great wholesale deals across the country. Click here.

7. Flip Crushers dot Com
A great informative site by Eric out of Texas on his wholesaling business. Click here.

8. Virtual Wholesaler
One of the Ninja’s favorite sites… Mark Van Dyke explains his virtual wholesaling business on how he flips properties in many different cities in the U.S., all while traveling the country. Click Here.


*** if you have some more resources that you think should be put here, let me know in the comments below ***

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  1. Thanks for "Driving for dollars" video. Having a driver makes a lot of sense.

  2. Cha Vonn Ruff says:

    just came across this blog I love it. im just starting and im nervous but ready to have money flowing

  3. Kenneth says:

    There’s a good feeling of success coming my way. However, I’m totally new to this business. It would be an honor, if you can contact me directly.
    All of your information is very helpful. I actually already have a house under contract!

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