Real Estate Investing 101 – Setting Up Google Voice for Your Real Estate Business

In this latest real estate investing 101 post by Daniel Wiafe… aka the House Flipping Ninja… we have come up with a video training session from the NEWEST project we are working on… which is called the House Flipping Dojo Academy.

In the Academy… we will teach new and struggling real estate investors who want to learn how to flip houses effectively… and jump start their wholesaling real estate business… how to effectively start breaking out real estate deals left and right… quickly and effectively.

This sample lesson will teach you how to set up Google Voice and also how to set up multiple lines to ring to one line on your Google Voice account.

We always recommend that you NEVER use your personal cell phone number for your real estate investing business… for obvious reasons.

Enjoy the video… and let us know what you think of the lesson (or if you have any questions)… by leaving us a comment below!

-Daniel Wiafe the House Flipping Ninja

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  1. Steve says:


    I really liked this video it gave me lots of information. I had already set up my google voice account but I did not check to see if my number was local for my area. Is there a way that you know of for me to check the number to make sure it is a local number.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

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