“Do you want to learn how to do
3-5 house flip deals a month?


If you answered ‘YES’… then you NEED to apply to my house flipping mentorship program right now.

I currently work one-on-one with each of my coaching students… and they are learning TONS from me.


My coaching students are learning the following:

  • How to analyze deals… so that they can make the MOST money
  • How to talk & negotiate with sellers over the phone
  • How to set up the BEST marketing plan that matches their spending & time budget… in order to get houses under contract
  • How to effectively make offers on houses
  • How to effectively find TONS of buyers for their deals quickly
  • How to find title companies & attorneys in their area… that are “investor friendly” and deal with assignments & double closes
  • How to set up websites
  • The best way to keep in contact and organize leads & contacts
  • All the legal real estate forms you need
  • How to do back flips like a Ninja (okay, I’m just kidding on that one!)


Within 8 weeks… my first coaching student flipped 3 houses… with no prior real estate investing knowledge. The average person makes $3,000 to $10,000 a flip. How many houses could you flip… with the right direction?

My second coaching student… was able to help flip a QUICK $4,000 deal… in the FIRST 6 weeks of him being involved in my coaching and mentorship program.

To learn more about my coaching and mentoring services, please click here.

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  1. Carolyn Stewart says:

    Reading the book.

  2. Meaka says:

    Hi, I’m interested in coaching. Here are the reasons why I believe we should work together.. I am presently an agent (www.atlantafancypads.com – i have access to the mls, tax records and comps), I have an IT background, i can easily put together a website overnight, I own a credit repair company http://www.diversifiedcredit.org (I can fix your credit at no charge), I also provide stated business lines of credit to business owners (www.clearwateronefinancial.com). So I am pretty much a renaissance woman with access to resources that I believe you can benefit from. I’m ready to become a real estate investor and I would love for you to mentor me. Please call me at 678-779-7744 to discuss.

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