Is the House Flipping Dojo for REAL or is it a SCAM?

scamHey all,

I hope you are doing well on this Sunday! It is officially the day before DOJO DAY…

In about 24 hours I will be finally opening up my online video coaching & training site @

While I have had several hundreds of people comment to me… telling me to hurry up and get this thing launched already… I did get one comment this morning, which I felt the need to put out there publicly and respond to immediately…

…just because I ALWAYS want to keep it 100% with all of you guys and gals out there… and if there are any of you hesitant about my program… I would like for you to read one of my visitors’ comments and my response to her comment.

For the sake of anonymity… we will call her Kay.


Here is what Kay asked me:

I would like to sign up for your course but am a little hesitant because of what i read on one of your comment sections,I know everything comes with risks but going in headfirst with all the warnings that this is illegal makes me question who’s really being honest with you and not trying to scam people because of vulnerabilty issues due to the economy or loss of jobs pls answer my question then maybe i”ll take that risk,


Here is my response to Kay:

Kay, thank you for your feedback & comments.

I will say this: There are no negative responses from people who have used my program. Go through the hundreds of comments on this blog & you will find none.

For slightly over a year, for free, I have put out dozens of videos out on Youtube that have watched 30,000+ times by viewers across the nation. I have received no less than 200 comments from people who were helped from my videos, which I recorded for free.

I have a FREE 223-page ebook which I spent months writing, and gave out for FREE & has been downloaded thousands of times, to much fanfare.

For FREE, I have helped hundreds of people with their questions on flipping houses via Facebook, via email & via one-on-one coaching.

I have actual social proof & pictures of checks that show that my students & I actually make money doing this.

So while I respect your hesitation on not getting scammed, my program is only $47/month… for hours & hours of video training and coaching that I have spent hundreds of hours compiling together. On top of that, there will also be a 30-day money back guarantee — that’s how much I believe in the effectiveness of my product and coaching program.


(UPDATE AS OF JANUARY 29, 2016: Since I wrote this post 3 years ago, I have had a 13-episode series on HGTV called “Flipping the Heartland” that followed my family and I fixing/flipping properties in Oklahoma.

I’ve had hundreds of properties that I have closed on or wholesaled during that time period… and have become the “go to” guy when it comes to training new wholesalers. Every month I have over 200 people contact me for coaching. Coaching is BEST done in a small group setting with some one-on-one time added for best measure. Since I can ONLY work with a small # of people, my prices for my HIGH QUALITY coaching are A LOT more than $47/month. Coaching packages start out at $5,000 (but there are discounts given if I like you, LOL).

Key thing to remember, is if you want the BEST results & GUARANTEED results, you go to the BEST of the BEST. If you want cheap or discount in your coaching, then read all my free articles and watch my videos on Youtube and download my free ebook.)

At the end of the day — my past record of success speaks volumes for me and my credibility. I would say if you are hesitant about getting scammed or if you don’t believe this will work for you or you believe flipping houses is illegal… then keep your money & don’t subscribe to the Dojo when it opens up tomorrow



Now I hope my response to Kay didn’t sound rude or anything like that… but at the end of the day… the one thing that I personally value above all things is my character and my past record of success.

If any of you reading this have any questions or concerns about the program… please feel FREE to post them below in the comments section… and I will answer every single question publicly, because I believe in being an open book.

If you’re ready to go & jump into the House Flipping Dojo tomorrow when it launches… get ready, get ready, get ready!

Daniel Wiafe

Your House Flipping Ninja & Coach

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  1. Derek A. Smith says:

    My only comment is this. Daniel Wiafe and I started this wholesaling journey at about the same time last year. Since then, I have followed him daily on Youtube, Facebook, his website, and we have even corresponded/spoken personally. Even though we don't REALLY know each other, I feel as though he is a friend to me. He has not hesitated to answer ANY questions that I have. His 223 page book that I obtained for FREE is better than the 20 or so courses I have paid for, some as little as 46 pages long. His FREE videos are better quality information than those I have paid for as well. Daniel is somewhat a newbie himself to wholesaling, so was I a bit hesitant with following a rather new guy, yes, but he has surely proven that he knows how to get the job done and is a good teacher/mentor/sharer as well. I am a 20 year ex federal agent and I kind of have a sense for those with and without integrity and in my mind he has surely proven that he has integrity. I have also seen that he is a God fearing and honest man. A lot of the things he teaches I have seen or heard, much from him, but I want to glean as much information as I can from this fine young man, and even more so, be associated with him and the people he associate with. I also want to follow in his footsteps as he has proven to be a great internet marketer as well his previous profession). I cannot wait to me Dan in person and I cannot say enough about him. I will be one of the first in line to try his program.

  2. Good Morning Daniel,

    I really am blessed to have your you tube videos to refer to as I start out in this business. Your advice and the information you provide are unmatched, only second to your faith in GOD.

    Please, if you can explain how freedomsoft silver can assist my fledging business and if keeping my new website makes sense and if it is sound to do so.
    Please respond soon, I need to decide fast,

    Best Regards,


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