HOW TO FLIP HOUSES – Why You Need Either Time or Money to Be Successful!

time or moneyHappy New Year’s Eve to all you NINJA house flippers and real estate wholesalers out there!

Today’s post was inspired by Pam Douglas… a.k.a. Aunt Pam. She is a real estate investor located out in Houston, TX and just dropped some EXCELLENT knowledge concerning doing seller marketing... that I just had to expound on it.

I can’t post what was said by her in the secret real estate group that I’m a part of on Facebook (and that I think you should join right now)… but here is my summary of what she stated…

  • Doing marketing to find motivated sellers should be the #1 task of any real estate investor.
  • You either need to have TIME or MONEY to be successful in finding motivated sellers.


The fact of the matter is this: If you don’t have leads coming in… you won’t be making any money.


In order for a person to be successful flipping houses with no money down… they either need to have TIME or MONEY.

If you don’t have a lot of money to invest into your marketing… then there are different avenues that you can use (which are time and labor-intensive on your side)… that you can implement to find motivated sellers.

If you don’t have a lot of time (you work a full-time job, etc.)… then you must have money that you can invest in your marketing.

If you have both time and money to invest in your real estate investing marketing… then you are the BOMB… and are setting yourself up to become the next Donald Trump (minus the hair piece)



But Daniel… I don’t have any time or money… what then?

If you don’t have TIME or MONEY… then you will NEVER succeed in investing in real estate. I’m sorry to say it so harshly… but that’s just a fact. No need to cry about it… that’s just the God-honest, brutal truth. 🙁

You need to have either time OR money. This is not negotiable. If you don’t have time or money… then before you even think of getting into flipping real estate… you need to stabilize your financial situation (hint: get a job)… so that you can build up your capital so that you can have money to market.

…and it doesn’t take a lot to invest into your marketing. I tell all my students that if they have $500/month to devote towards marketing towards sellers… they will do very well.


But in reality, as long as your able to come up with at least $200 to $300/month to devote towards seller marketing… they’ll do good.

FACT: The more time or the more money that you are able to devote towards your marketing… the more successful you will be.


 I Have MONEY, But No Time. What Kind of Marketing Should I Do?

I’m glad you asked. Here ya go!

  • Send postcards to absentee owners. Aim to do at least 1,000/month. Hit up every lead every 60 days at least 5 to 7 times.
  • Hire services or people to write/mail out yellow letters to absentee owners.
  • Pay-per-click campaigns on Google Adwords to a squeeze page website.
  • Bandit signs. Have them preprinted in a handwritten font… and pay someone $1/sign to place them every weekend. You can hire them off of Craigslist & make sure they take a picture of every sign they place. Aim to do at least 200 bandit signs/month.
  • We Buy Houses ads in your local newspaper, Thrifty Nickel, Pennysavers.


 I Have TIME, But Not a Lot of Money. What Kind of Marketing Should I Do?

I’m glad you asked. Here ya go!

  • Handwrite/mail out yellow letters to vacant properties that you have found & researched in your tax assessor’s website. Aim to do at least 100/week.
  • Create YouTube videos. Video titles should be “We Buy Houses CITYNAME” or “Sell House Fast CITYNAME”. Record short 2 to 3 minute videos of yourself explaining the process… or create videos for cheap using These type of videos usually rank very quickly & show up on the first page of Google.
  • Bandit signs. Handwrite them yourself. Use wooden stakes you can purchase from Home Depot to stake them to the ground… or use plastic zip ties or roofing nails to post them to light poles. If you’re very broke, use cardboard boxes (free). Stick out at least 100 signs/month.
  • Cold call or email FSBO’s off of Criagslist and Backpage. Let them know that you’re a local investor who is looking to buy 2-3 more homes in their area this month… and if they’re negotiable with their price… you might be able to buy their house quick for cash within the next 30 days.


Happy 2013 to you… and here’s to you absolutely crushing it!

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  1. Ogal says:

    I agree with everything you said Daniel. But some other things that I do added on to your list is make a habit of giving out 10 business cards a day. I leave them at gas stations, Dunkin Donuts, WAWAs, restaurants,, laundromats, Drs office, the malls, etc. I leave them everywhere. And always always always tell people about your business! My last deal made 11k from a referral that I spoke with some time back and they remembered me when their friend had a house to sell! You never know where the deal will come from! And if you are really ambitious, have some fliers made up and go through a market parking lot and put them under the wipers of every car you see. But be careful! Fols are kinda funny about their vehicles! Needless to say, these strategies take some cash!

  2. There you fellas go, dropping gems for the struggling and hungry again. I think that this website will be generating economic movement for.
    U.S. citizens in no time. Thebombdotcom. Happy New Year to all experienced and inspiring investors!

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