How to Flip Houses – TIPS and TRICKS in Dealing with Title Companies & Attorneys

how to flip houses for beginners

In this house flipping video… Daniel Wiafe a.k.a. the House Flipping Ninja explains TWO Ninja Tips… that he uses with the title companies & title attorneys… in order to allow your real estate wholesale transaction to move a lot smoother and faster.

These tips include:

1. Giving the title company or attorney the phone numbers & email addresses of both your motivated seller and cash buyer/investor. You do this so that if the title company needs any info (such as loan payoff, etc.)… they can contact that person directly… rather than calling you up during your busy time to have you act as the middleman to collect the info.

2. Wait until you have BOTH the seller contract signed… and the buyer contract signed… before taking the contracts down to the title company. This way — in case you’re not able to find a buyer for your deal. At the end of the day… your title company is a business just like you… and they want to make money.

If you bring them 12 contracts… and 10 of them fall through AFTER they have done all the title work and searches and everything… they will be pretty pissed off at you.

The ONLY time I bring a contract to the title company… without having a buyer lined up is if the deal is such a SWEET deal that it has no chance of not getting sold.

Also — I will always call the county records on a seller’s property — just to make sure there are no liens or judgments on that particular property.

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How to Flip Houses

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Peace & God Bless!

Daniel Wiafe a.k.a the House Flipping Ninja
How to Flip Houses & Flipping Houses

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  1. Hey Daniel,

    That is a good tip to wait on bringing the contracts to the title company, appreciate it!


  2. Ron says:

    Awesome video Daniel! I’m actually in the process of finding my first fix and flip property for this year. I’m definitely a fan of your blog and look forward to more quality content. keep up the great work my brother. peace

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