How to Flip Houses – The $30,000 MONSTER Team House Flip with Partners!

Part #2 of the Las Vegas house flipping adventure that Daniel Wiafe a.k.a. the House Flipping Ninja went on.

If you missed Part #1… well you just need to watch it right now then… don’t you? Click here to view that video.

In this video… the House Flipping Ninja and Michael “Cho Me da Money” Cho… explain why they think that flipping houses for MONSTER profits need to be a team sport… and not just an individual sport.

We touch on wholesale investing partnerships as well as joint ventures.

Before expenses were factored in… we made a total of $30,000 on this flip. This house flip was a result of my 1st postcard campaign that I mailed out to Las Vegas… from my office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I mailed out 968 postcards… and had a total cost of roughly $600 buying the list… and mailing out.

The cost to mail the postcards was about $404 out of that $600. It costs roughly $.42 to print/send postcards through

I used Cris Chico’s virtual wholesaling program in order to mail out my postcards. If you want to get his system… click here now.


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Peace & God Bless!

Daniel Wiafe a.k.a the House Flipping Ninja
How to Flip Houses & Flipping Houses

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  1. Jerry Williams says:

    This was great information on Partnering or joint venturing a flipped home….That gets me very motivated to “GET ER DONE”

  2. Eric says:


    Nice work! Columbus OH is where I invest; next deal you do here you need to call me so I can help you do some legwork, like you need it right!! Ha!



  3. Nelson Roberson says:


    Nice work! Cleveland OH and Little Rock AR is where I invest; next deal you do in these areas you need to call me so I can help you do some legwork. I would like to partner/joint venture with you or Michael.


  4. PJ says:

    We got the postcard and they want to see our home in Tulsa. How can we know this is legit?

    • I’m assuming that you own a home in Tulsa, OK and got a “We Buy Houses” postcard… for your home? If so, then yes — they’re legit. What the investor will do is give you a cash offer (usually at about 50-65% of the after repair value of home)… and will purchase your home cash within 30-45 days of the two of you signing the purchase agreement.

  5. Clay says:

    As a newbie, your tips are greatly appreciated, Daniel.

    If you ever want to invest in the area of the northwest suburbs in Chicago (Hanover Park, Streamwood, Carol Stream, Glendale Heights), please let me know. I would definitely want to partner/joint venture with you or Michael.

    P.S. – Just wondering… before you became successful with flipping, did you start out in a mentorship program? If so, may I ask with whom? Thank you!

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