HOW TO FLIP HOUSES NO MONEY DOWN – How Daniel Wiafe Started His Wholesaling Houses Business

6-FIGURE BUSINESS Case Study #3 – Wholesaling Houses by Daniel Wiafe

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Daniel Wiafe is a real estate entrepreneur, coach, TV personality who was feature on HGTV’s Flipping the Heartland with his wife Melinda Wiafe & son, Malachi. Daniel got started flipping houses in Tulsa, OK and is know a real estate entrepreneur and a wholesaling real estate coach.

In this house flipping & wholesaling real estate educational video, you’re going to learn the following:

In the 3rd series of the four part “6-Figure Business Case Study” — Daniel Wiafe reveals the 3rd 6-Figure Business he created, which was wholesaling houses — which he is most known for. Daniel details how he got started, why he got started in real estate… and where real estate investing has lead him and his family opportunity wise and in life.

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