How to Flip Houses – NEWBIE Makes a QUICK $2,000 in Less Than 2 Hours Flipping Houses!


In this video… my 2nd student, Jerry Bishop… gets his first check for $2,000 on a recent house flip that he did with Daniel Wiafe the House Flipping Ninja.

The deal made us a total of $4,000… which we split 50/50. I got the property under contract for $28,000 (the comps & fair market values in the area for homes ranged from $75-$90k… and the house needed about $15k in work to it).

I had originally priced the house to sell for $35k… and the cash buyer (in typical fashion)… negotiated the price… and we agreed to sell it for $32,000 and the buyer pays all closing costs.

Jerry brought the buyer… and I brought the seller.


I had the deal locked under contract for ONLY about 7 days… before we got it sold.

The fact of the matter was that this was a GREAT deal… and I would’ve been able to find a buyer and make the $4k all by myself… but often times it is feasible to bring in JV (joint venture) partners… so that you can close your deals a lot faster.

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Peace & God Bless!

Daniel Wiafe a.k.a the House Flipping Ninja
How to Flip Houses & Flipping Houses

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  1. Dune says:

    Want to know how much out of pocket money do you spend?? And whats the first step. To get started…

    • Hi Dune. You should strive to have about $300-$500 minimum in my honest opinion… which will be used for marketing. I recommend newbies FOCUS on one of two things when they are first starting out. (1) “We Buy Houses” Bandit signs targeting motivated sellers… or (2) Yellow Letters to absentee owners. My favorite of course is the bandit signs… since they give you the most bang for your buck.

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