How to Flip Houses – How to Get Cash Buyers for FREE Using Zillow!

After too long… and many complaints from other investors… I have finally put up my video showing how I am able to find potential cash buyers… for my house flipping business… for FREE using Zillow and my local county tax assessor’s website.

If you can’t find cash buyers for your deals you get under contract… guess what? You will NEVER learn how to flip houses!

I have gotten fantastic results getting call backs & high response rates over 20% from sending simple yellow letters to this free list… and you will do the same.

Let me know how you like the video… and make sure you subscribe to my website right now in the upper-right hand corner. God bless ya & see ya at the top baby!!

Daniel Wiafe a.k.a the House Flipping Ninja
How to Flip Houses

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  1. Omaha, Nebraska! That's where I'm from (live in NY now) go Big Red!

  2. michael perry says:

    from zero to seeing you at the top. I finally feel as if i might be moving closer to realizing this dream. I just wanted to thank you very much i will never forget. thanks.

    P.S. I am not even finished reading your book yet,
    but the jewels are everywhere. I can’t seem to turn
    off my computer.
    Michael Perry

  3. great information keep up the good work.

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