How to Flip Houses – How the NINJA Missed Out on $5,000 on His 2nd Deal!

The NINJA closed on his 2nd house flipping deal (Washington Ave in Sand Springs, OK) on January 27, 2012. Below are the details on this property:

  • Got the house under contract for $10,000 on January 2, 2012. House needs about $8-$10k in repairs. Lowest house in that area sold for $35k. Other current comparable houses were selling for $40k+ in that area.
  • Owner had initially bought the house for his daughter 10 years ago for $15k. She moved to a bigger house… and the house was vacant for 5 years.
  • The house had been vandalized on the inside.
  • I marketed the property for $19,500 using (a) yellow letters to recent cash buyers, (b) Craigslist & (c) bandit signs placed in Sand Springs. I got a significant response from all 3 sources.
  • The buyer of the house called off of a bandit sign I placed by the high school.
  • We agreed that he would purchase the house for $15,000 + I pay for half of the closing costs (approx. $675)
  • I had to reimburse the seller $500… because one of the people who went through his house using the lockbox… stole some of his stuff.
  • TOTAL PROFIT: A little under $3,900. Took  3 weeks for me to flip from start to finish.
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  1. Hi Daniel,

    Your smile with those paychecks is contagious! I too am just starting on my journey, and I will be following you on yours! Best of luck, see you around the FB boards, I am sure.

    Would love to see a video on your bust on IM and the story behind six figures to whatever happened.

    Again best of luck!

    • Hey Keith,

      Thanks and nice to meet you buddy! You have a very nice buyer/seller site.

      Me putting my video on my IM journey would be a looooong video, LOL… but one day I probably will put it up there. I’ve actually drastically changed the direction of my IM career.

      God bless!


  2. Teshorn says:

    I too am recording my journey. I sent out 7 letters of intent today. Even took pictures of the letter in the mailbox. I’m glad you are doing the same thing. Want to get my first deal done by first week in March. I’ll keep following your journey. Best of luck. Let’s make this money!!!

  3. Angela says:

    Hi Daniel, I just finished watching my 1st video of yours-Ninja Yellow Marketing. I have watched several yellow marketing campaign videos and no one gives suggestions on where to purchase the yellow letters! 🙂 Also, I am new to this Wholesaling business and I am nervous about it all. I do have a mentor so that helps a little. Anyway, you don’t know how much it boosted my morale when you stated to just keep trying and stay persistant and not to give up. You seemed so sincere and it helped me! Thank you and I will keep coming to your website!

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