GETTING CASH BUYERS – Make Your Craigslist Ads Stick Out to Cash Buyers!

thumbs-upHey my NINJA house flippers and real estate investors!

I hope all is well on whatever part of the country you are located at and I hope you are flipping houses like a mad man (or woman) flipping pancakes on a cold, Sunday morning!

(yeah, I know that above line that I wrote was kind of goofy, but don’t blame me, it’s 3:19 in the morning as I write this!)

Anyways, while working with one of my real estate investing students at the House Flipping Dojo academy to get a house he acquired under contract last week… flipped out to a cash buyer, I had an epiphany.

He was having a couple issues with finding cash buyers, even though the deal was only marked up for the cash buyers at about roughly 45-50% of ARV (the after repair value).

One marketing channel that I use everyday and that I am addicted to, when it comes to getting my deals unloaded is Craigslist. You can almost NEVER go wrong when flipping your properties to cash buyers via bandit signs (my #1 source) and Craigslist (my #2 source).

It came to me that though his current Craigslist ad was good (he was using one of my templates I give out to my students)… it needed to stick out A LOT more from his other competitors.

One trick that I have been using for my Craigslist ads that I have put up for my houses that I flip out to cash buyers… as well as in other businesses that I run is this:

I use ASCII character symbols to make my ads stick out like Pamela Anderson in a conference full of nuns.

For some of you who don’t know what ASCII symbols are, they are those little goofy characters that you put down in the midst of text.

Example — ◄ ► ▼ ▲ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ♫ ♪

So below is a SAMPLE title of the Craigslist ads that I typically use & teach my students to use. That’s the first example. The second example below it, is my NEW beefed up version of the Craigslist title.

You tell me which one stands out the most!

Example #1:
CHEAP House for Sale! 2 Bed Beauty, ONLY $18k. Must Sell NOW!

Example #2:
►► CHEAP House for Sale! 2 Bed Beauty, ONLY $18k. Must Sell NOW!

So, unless your name is Stevie Wonder, you probably concur with me that EXAMPLE #2 is the obvious winner and sticks out the most.

And that’s what you want to do to get your phone ringing off the hook with cash buyers foaming at the mouth to get to your property!

To find ASCII characters online, just do a Google search for “ASCII symbols” or “ASCII characters”. Once you find the symbol or symbols you like, just copy and paste them into your ad title.

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  1. Gena Kirkwood says:

    That’s a GREAT tip!!!

  2. I appreciated that tip. I'm getting a few more calls then I had been.

  3. David Jose says:

    Great post, Ive been usinf a similar idea For a while But this is Hot

  4. Winnie says:

    Hi Mr. Wiafe, I came across your website while reading a story about set of twins and one twin was “hugging” the sickly other twin…and by a miracle from God the sickly twin got better. ( So after reading the article, I then saw your pic off to the right a “fine man” with all these muscles, I decided to click on your FB page. I can only be honest but this is how I came across your page. I checked out your video (driving for dollars) of you and your beautiful family (wife and son), and I am definitely interested in learning more. I reside in a suburb of Washington, DC, where I see you were born and I unfortunately own a home in Fort Washington, MD where my home is currently upside down and while not broke just “financially challenged” at the moment. I am somewhat familiar with some of your real estate jargon (did a real estate course) and currently work in the construction industry but in the IT department. So who knows what the future holds but thankfully, I know who holds the future and by faith, I am going to embark upon learning and gleaning all I can from you and your beautiful wife and look forward to speaking with you both in the very near future. Sincerely, Winnie

  5. Laredo says:

    Great stuff. Thanks for sharing..

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