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As many of you know who have been watching my videos or hearing about my exploits on Facebook… I had been working this past summer to complete my FIRST Real Estate Investing E-Book, “How to Flip Houses Like a Ninja: The Beginner’s Guide to Flipping Houses No Money Down!”

Well I completed it a couple weeks ago… and have decided to give out this 224 page blueprint to wholesaling real estate out for FREE!

I am so confident you’ll love it… that if it’s not everything you wanted… I will refund you 100% of your money back! (LOL)

Here’s what you’ll learn in my E-book that you’ll download right now:

  • How to market for both motivated sellers & buyers.
  • TONS of different marketing strategies for you to follow… whether you have little money or time to market in finding deals.
  • How to negotiate with buyers and sellers.
  • Contracts for both buyers and sellers on your wholesale deal.
  • A lead sheet to use that will help you ask the right questions when speaking to sellers on the phone.
  • How to comp your properties and make offers.
  • Tools of the trade the Ninja uses everyday in his business to keep himself organized.
  • Links to TONS of useful videos.
  • What percentages to make your offers at.
  • How to find title companies or attorneys in your local area that are “investor friendly”
  • How to close deals.
  • Plus much, much more!!

So why are you waiting for? Move your mouse over to right-side of this screen… enter in your email address… and get your FREE blueprint on “How to Flip Houses Like a NINJA: The Beginner’s Guide to Flipping Houses No Money Down Right Now”!

As another FREE BONUS to you — I will also send you my FREE 5-day E-Course on “Ninja Ways on Finding Motivated Sellers in Your Area!”


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  1. Grat job and very informative on the information you provided about wholesaling. you really motivated be me to really take off with this business.

  2. oops se some typo errors on my end lol.

  3. karen manigault says:

    Thank you for your generocity in sharing your information and experiences may God give you a crown for this thank you again

  4. Edwitch Paul says:

    Congratulation on your show and thank you for your free E book Real estate wholesaling, and without that E book I wouldn’t know anything about Real estate wholesaling,again thank you Daniel Wiafe.

  5. Trina says:

    I had to type in my name and email 3 times and I still didn’t get my free ebook or free 5 day course.

  6. Carlos Bragg says:

    If anyone in Maine want's to Partner up let me know without a team effort there is no one there to lift a person up!

  7. Hello I'm from Indonesia and now start flipping some houses…..if you guys want to enter Indonesia market let me know…we can discuss it…

  8. I am From Connecticut, USA – and I have an experienced team in doing flipping.
    Lookink for personal loans to flipping houses.
    Send me email:

  9. Keith Burke says:

    i have a house under contract looking for a partner to spit it with. if interessted email me at


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