FLIPPING PROBATE HOUSES – How Adura Sanya Made $120,000 in ONE MONTH Flipping Probate Houses

I was recently able to interview Adura Sanya of www.iFlipAcademy.com in San Diego.

Adura Sanya is definitely the probate deal ninja!

In the first month of January 2014… this guy was able to make $120,000 off of flipping just 3 deals in Philadelphia.

In the video…. Adura Sanya gives us some killer house flipping tips that you should definitely pay attention to… if you want to start flipping homes that are in probate.

What is Probate Home Flipping?

It’s simply one niche withing real estate wholesaling that allows you to get leads of properties that are good house flips… from people that owned houses but have since died.

Once a person dies… their home will typically go through a probate process… and in most cases… the people who owned the home were elderly… so it is usually their kids who will stand to inherit the house.

What happens is that many of the people that inherit these probate deals… do not want to keep or deal with the house… and they are willing to sell it for a cheap price and very quickly.

This is where you as the real estate investor can come in… get the probate house under contract… and flip the house out to a cash buyer.

Adura Sanya is able to make LARGE sums of cash by flipping these probate homes. He said it is not uncommon to make $50k to $60k off of one probate deal.

You can start researching and collecting leads of real estate that is in the probate process downtown at your courthouse.

Definitely contact Adura Sanya if you want the best real estate coaching in flipping homes that are in probate. His website is www.iFlipAcademy.com

Also, if you have any questions or even advice on investing in probate real estate… please feel free to ask them below in the comments section.

Be blessed!  🙂

Daniel Wiafe House Flipping Ninja & House Flipping Coach




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  1. Cordell O Frazier says:

    i’m very inspired by your tactics on this nich of probate and would love for you to have me as a student in my market of st.louis,mo. all i ask is where do we go from here….. what do i need to do next.

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