FLIPPING HOUSES – What to Do When Sellers or Buyers Go GHOST on YOU!

What do you do when sellers, buyers or JV partners go “Ghost” on you, in the middle of a real estate deal?

Hey all,

I hope you’re having a fabulous day today. I just wanted to touch bases on a subject that really, really irks me, whenever it happens to me.

Alright, I know what some of you are thinking right now…

That House Flipping Ninja dude… I see him in the videos always smiling and cheesing… can that fool really get mad at anything?

The short answer to that: YES! 🙂

It really pisses me the HECK off… when I am dealing with somebody or people on a real estate transaction… and they go totally ghost on me.

…and no, I’m not talking about they turn into Casper the Ghost.

I’m talking about the person straight up disappears on you. (that’s my definition of a person going “Ghost” on you)

  • They don’t answer or return phone calls like they’re supposed to or they promised…
  • They don’t respond back to text messages (I’m just saying, EVERYBODY gets their text messages, don’t they?)
  • They don’t respond back to your e-mails (you’ve just been spammed my friend).
  • They read your Facebook message… and you can tell because it has that little check-mark on the message… which informs you that they read your message…
  • You hunt them down at their house and knock on the door… and you see them peeping at you through the window blinds.

…Okay, so that last bullet point has never happened to me, because it’s not that deep… I’m not going to stalk anybody, LOL.

But you get my point.

When you are out there flipping houses for profit… you expect people to be professional… but in many, many cases… people lack common courtesy.

But don’t allow that to depress you or get you all dismayed!

At some point in your real estate investing business… you will experience people going ghost on you.

It’s not a question of “IF” that happens to you… it’s more a question of “WHEN” somebody goes ghost on you.

Who Will Go Ghost on Me?

Here are the following types of people that will go ghost on you.

1. Sellers — guess they’re not that motivated anymore to sell me their $80,000 house for $40,000, huh?
2. Buyers — so, did this guy really just yesterday… promise me that he was going to buy the house & drop off his $2,000 EMD at the title company… and now he’s disappeared on me?
3. Other Wholesalers — so instead of you just telling me your buyer doesn’t want the property we’re trying to JV on… you want to go missing like Amelia Earhart when I try to Facebook you???

So… let me quickly tell you how I handle this oh so touchy situation of people going GHOST on you in your house flipping business.

With the Buyers and Wholesalers… they come a dime a dozen (no offense to you if you are reading this). In most cases, you can always find another buyer to buy your property… or another non-lazy wholesaler who wants to do business in a right manner.

So if a buyer or wholesaler you’re wanting to JV with disappears and goes ghost on you… let them go ghost on you, the deal and don’t fret about it or lose sleep on it.

If a buyer or wholesaler wants to go ghost on me… then I’ll go along with it… because ghosts are dead people… and I don’t deal with the dead.

Matter of fact — there’s about a 99.9% chance that I will never do business with such a person… and if they contact me in the future — they won’t receive a response from me.

Now… here’s the million dollar question…

How do you deal with a seller going ghost on you?

After all… you may currently have a contract on a seller’s house that you expect to make $5,000 to $10,000 on… and I get it, you don’t want to just walk away from that.

Here’s the NINJA’S 6 Quick Tips on Dealing with Sellers who go Ghost on You:

1. Never let it culminate to that point. Always make sure you’ve built good rapport with the seller. Make sure that you’re their friend and that they like you as a person. Don’t be stiff or “all about the money” with them. Be friendly and sociable with them.

2. Call the seller early on in your deal. Make sure you touch bases with them at least once every other day… and let them know the progress of what’s going on in their deal.

3. Never allow a buyer to meet a seller… and record a memorandum of contract on your HUGE deals to protect your interest. I discuss more about that on this blog post.

4. Give a person at least 24 to 36 hours to respond back to you if you’ve tried to contact them via phone or e-mail multiple times. Nobody likes a bug a boo. Please don’t blow up people’s phones, lol 😉

5. If you can’t reach them after multiple tries… don’t bug them or blow up their phone. Don’t let them think that you’re “thirsty for the deal”. Give them a little bit of space.

6. After about a week… definitely start investigating if your deal is a high dollar deal. Go to their house, leave notes, talk to neighbors, etc.


Hope this helped. If you have nay other tips or comments on this blog post… please feel free to leave them below in the “Comments” section!

-Daniel Wiafe, House Flipping Coach & Ninja

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  1. Jerome says:

    Well done! Quite masterful as you put it into great perspective. So easy, a caveman can get it!

  2. Allen says:

    WoW. This is great stuff. I just sent you a FB msg.

    The LAST thing I want is for you to ignore me or blacklist me because I know you’re doing your thing and I would hate to lose a potential partner over something so silly.

    • Hey Allen, thanks for the reply! I wasn’t blacklisting you. This message was more devoted towards some of the buyers we dealt with… but also definitely applies to other wholesalers & sellers…. that a wholesaler will deal with in their business.

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