Finding Motivated Sellers – How to Drop $2,000 Off a Motivated Sellers Price in 20 Seconds!

What’s going on everybody — hope everybody is doing absolutely GREAT! In this week’s post… we show you that finding motivated sellers isn’t that hard… and we also show you that finding motivated sellers who will drop their asking price in SECONDS…. isn’t that hard either! 😉

I recently took one of my house flipping studentsDavid Cordle… out into the field. I’m teaching this guy how to flip houses… and this guy is going to absolutely CRUSH IT!

But anyways… in this video we show you how easy it was for him to get the motivated seller on his real estate wholesaling deal to drop his asking price by $2,000 BIG ONES… in less than 20 seconds.

After the video was shot… David went on to get a contract amendment… and drop the motivated seller another $3,000. SO at the end of the day… David got a 4 bedroom/1 bathroom house in a hot, rental market… for ONLY $10,000!

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Peace & God Bless!

Daniel Wiafe a.k.a the House Flipping Ninja
How to Flip Houses & Finding Motivated Sellers

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