FINDING CASH BUYERS – Nasar’s Secret on Using Hedge Funds as Cash Buyers!

On this video blog post… I am blessed to have my wholesaling real estate associate, Nasar Elarabi a.k.a. the Real Estate Do-ru from Charlotte, NC…. gives us his take on finding cash buyers for your deals… who won’t ask you a TON of questions about your houses that you’re flipping… and they won’t try to nickel & dime you on the price.

In this video on finding cash buyers for your wholesale real estate dealsNasar drops some FRESH & NEW tips which I know you will love!

Oh yeah… the buyers that Nasar talks about in his video are HEDGE FUND MANAGERS and their associates.

Haven’t heard all the buzz going around lately about hedge funds?

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past week in early December of 2012… you have no doubt seen TONS of press regarding Preston Ely’s Real Estate Mogul program. The basic gist behind it is that real estate investing as we know it is “dead”… and that small-time investors (probably you) will no longer be able to make it… UNLESS you flip to hedge funds.

Well, personally I know for a fact that it won’t be the “death of real estate” as long as you’re making it your focus to get inventory from private sellers (rather than going after HUDs and REOs, it might be a slow death & resurrection for that niche).

Hey, that’s just me though… I haven’t personally looked into his program yet so I can’t endorse it… but if you want to check out the Preston’s Real Estate Mogul program… then definitely do so through my affiliate link by clicking here. 🙂

But I can tell you with total honesty is that Nasar is the real deal and is out there doing his thing in his home market out east.

Anyways any questions, comments or feedback… please feel free to leave them below.

Also, make sure you check out Nasar’s YouTube channel by clicking here… and make sure you subscribe to it today!


-Daniel Wiafe the House Flipping Coach & Ninja

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