Finding Cash Buyers – A Sneak Peak into the House Flipping Dojo Academy (Coming 1/7/13)

house-on-cash-transparentBGHope you had a Merry Christmas! As my Christmas gift to you… I have an unreleased video at the bottom of this post that will teach you how to find out… what zip codes all the cash buyers are buying properties in your area… for FREE!

This video is unreleased as of this date… and is one of the MANY videos that is going to be on my NEW coaching site, the House Flipping Dojo academy.

As many of you know… I have been working my little tail off the past couple months for you guys… in developing and creating hours & hours of online coaching videos for the House Flipping Dojo Academy.

In case you don’t know yet, the House Flipping Dojo academyis an online video training system that will teach YOU step-by-stephow to flip houses like a NINJA… even if you’re a new or struggling real estate investor.

It will also come equipped with a group forum on it… so that I and other students can answer all your questions… along with weekly video coaching calls with yours truly that will be totally interactive.

Best thing about the House Flipping Dojo academy is that it’s ONLY going to be $47/mo. for the first 100 people that take action & sign up!

Keep a look out on this house flipping blog… on my Facebook page… and YouTube channel… in the next week or so to get in on this, when the site opens up on Monday, January 7, 2013.

Below is one of the videos in this academy:

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