Welcome to my video blog. My name is Daniel Wiafe (also known in several secret circles around the world)… as the House Flipping Ninja… and I am an AVERAGE JOE that flips houses for cash money using NO MONEY DOWN techniques… on a consistent basis!

Oh… and did I mention that I run another non-real estate related business… and flip these houses on a PART-TIME basis?

This blog will detail my successes, failures, tips, tricks, case studies… and inspiration based off of my experiences and journey in both learning and teaching others how to flip houses using the wholesale real estate investing NINJA techniques.

How to Flip Houses

In a quick nut shell… the steps I will take in order to learn how to flip houses successfully will include:

1. Getting properties from owners or banks under a contract to buy at HUGE discount rates. For example… if houses are typically selling in that area for $80k-$100k… I may get a house under contract from a seller for $40,000.

2. I will market that same property using various techniques… and get an investor or a retail buyer with cash… to purchase that same home for let’s say $50,000 after some negotiation.

3. I will assign the original contract that I had with the seller to that particular investor or cash buyer… and in another form (the assignment contract)… we will state that my assignment fee will be the difference between the BUYING price… and the SELLING price. (Which in this instance is $10,000)

4. The seller and the buyer will close at a title company. Buyer will pay the closing costs. Seller gets his/her $40,000… Buyer gets the keys & deed to their new home… and I get $10,000 and a HUGE smile on my face 😉


A little more about Daniel Wiafe:

I am 32-years-old and currently based out of Las Vegas, NV. I have a beautiful wife named Melinda… and a highly-energetic 2-year old son named Malachi.

Back in 2001… I declared bankruptcy and was broke as a joke.

By 2006… I was making $10,000/month off of eBay and affiliate marketing (selling other people’s products/services online). That year… I also graduated from Oklahoma State University… with a major in management & minor in marketing.

Oh yeah… by 2006… I worked my last full time job 😉

By 2007-2008… I was making $10,000-$80,000/month solely off of affiliate marketing. I was promoting stuff like ringtones, dating offers, payday loans, women’s shoes, coffee & numerous other products on the Internet.

By 2008… I was blessed to have enough money to pay off all of our debts (credit cards, student loans, car loans, etc.). I also paid 100% cash for my wife’s graduate school. She graduated in ’08 as a counselor.

By 2009… due to issues with Google Adwords (who were my main, #1 source to promoting my Internet empire) not liking affiliate marketing… my income source immediately dried up over the span of a few months.

Life sucked! LOL

The next one and a half/two years… saw me frantically trying to find a “winner” or another “business opportunity” that gave me the same freedom & earning potential that internet marketing gave me.

I tried over and over again… with many different projects to find that “winner” and was unsucccessful. During that rough time period… I truly learned the value of patience and perseverance.

By 2010… I turned thirty… and as I entered into a new decade of my life… I decided I needed to make a turn. I started creating websites & internet marketing plans for different professionals and small business owners in my local area.

One gentleman that I helped was a good friend of mine and a new lawyer… fresh out of law school. Within a few months… with my help… he had built up a thriving law practice that generated between $10-$15k/month within the next year.

While working with that lawyer… I also created several legal document preparation companies on the Internet… which have been highly successful.

By summer of 2011… I was listening to an Internet Marketing podcast by Sean Terry & Nathan Jurewicz. In it they discussed internet marketing strategies to creating your own products… AND they discussed their own ventures into real estate investing.

Anyways — they made it seem SO EASY to invest in real estate… and how you didn’t need much money to start off investing in real estate. I honestly thought they were full of a bunch of crap!

But… being the curious dude that I am… I checked out Sean Terry’s other podcast, Flip 2 Freedom… and listened to all of his material.

I then began to investigate & research ‘wholesaling real estate’ on the Internet and YouTube. The results shocked me!

I came to a fast conclusion that summer… that I would be a FOOL not to get into this game.

Anyways… my partner Josh and I got our first property under contract to sell in August 2011… and by December 2011 we had closed on our first deal… which brought us in $6,500.

Since that point… I have successfully flipped 1-3 houses a month like clockwork… and have personally walked many others just like you… how to flip houses on a part-time basis, while working their jobs.

Hope to see you join me on my journey. Make sure you subscribe to the updates on my website right now… by using the form to the upper-right hand side of this site.

Peace and God bless,

Daniel Wiafe a.k.a the House Flipping Ninja
How to Flip Houses

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