Real Estate Investing Mentor – Most Common Problems

Ninja tribe, it’s Friday!

Hope you all are doing well and blessed… :-)

Real quick — earlier this week, many of you got
my email where I asked what is the #1 Problem
that you are having when it comes to having
success wholesaling houses…

Well, some of your questions were really good!

Here goes a few questions that were asked…

1. How do you find cash buyers?

2. How much should my marketing budget be?

3. I’ve never done a deal before. I’m scared and
lack confidence, what can I do?

4. I don’t have a lot of money to devote to
marketing… what can I do?

5. How do I find motivated sellers?

6. I don’t understand all the contracts and
real estate contracts. Help!

7. I’m doing marketing now, but not getting
enough leads. How do I increase this?

8. I sent out yellow letters, but got no results.
What can I do??

9. How do I estimate the ARV (after repair

10. How do I find a good mentor to help me
succeed in this business and to hold my hand?

I answered everybody’s questions who emailed me
and have decided that I need to throw an teaching
webinar… that will teach you (if you’re a NEW
or STRUGGLING wholesaler)… learn the
BASIC things you need to KNOW… in order
to have success.

But more about that later… keep watching out
for my emails in the next week or two… as I will
be giving out more information on my no-charge
webinar that I will be giving to help you guys.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Daniel Wiafe

Real Estate Investing Coaching & Mentor

Group Coaching Program – $499 Tuition + $19/month
(Launching on Monday, December 29, 2014)

In this post — Daniel Wiafe (me, why am I talking about myself in the 3rd person, LOL), explains his upcoming group coaching program. He also talks about:

  • Speaking at the 40K Flips conference that was hosted by Josh Cantwell in Las Vegas, NV.
  • How his upcoming show, Five Figure Flip (aka Flipping the Heartland), which will air on HGTV in July 2015 with a 13 episode season is going as it’s being filmed in Tulsa, OK
  • The coaching program!
  • Daniel’s REI coaching program will teach you how to market for sellers!
  • Daniel’s REI coaching program will teach you how to market for cash buyers!
  • Daniel’s REI coaching program will teach you how to negotiate!
  • Daniel’s REI coaching program will teach you how to write up contracts!
  • Daniel’s REI coaching program will teach you how to find a title company that is investor friendly!
  • Daniel’s REI coaching program will teach you how to flip real estate with no money down & no credit!
  • Daniel’s REI coaching program will teach you how to make $4,000; $5,000; even up to $10,000+ everytime you flip a property!
  • Daniel’s REI coaching program will teach you how to be a sexy ninja! (okay, maybe you don’t really need help with that)

If you are interested in getting in Daniel’s coaching and mentoring program — which will launch on Monday, December 29, 2014 AND you have not yet contacted him yet; please feel free to do so by clicking here.





REHABBING HOUSES – How to Rehab Houses with Dennis Anderson

An interview that I did while traveling back to my old hometown of Omaha, NE with my friend and former classmate, Dennis Anderson.

In this interview, Dennis Anderson, who is a realtor, rehabber and a wholesale real estate investor was interviewed about how he:

1. Got into wholesaling and real estate.
2. How he made the jump into rehabbing houses (ie. Fixing and Flipping Houses for Profit)
3. The 2 sources that he uses to fund the purchase and the rehabs of his real estate properties.
4. And different sources that can help you if you are wanting to ever get into rehabbing houses for profit.

Enjoy and be blessed!  :)

Daniel Wiafe House Flipping Ninja & House Flipping Coach

FLIPPING PROBATE HOUSES – How Adura Sanya Made $120,000 in ONE MONTH Flipping Probate Houses

I was recently able to interview Adura Sanya of in San Diego.

Adura Sanya is definitely the probate deal ninja!

In the first month of January 2014… this guy was able to make $120,000 off of flipping just 3 deals in Philadelphia.

In the video…. Adura Sanya gives us some killer house flipping tips that you should definitely pay attention to… if you want to start flipping homes that are in probate.

What is Probate Home Flipping? Read more »