REHABBING HOUSES – How to Rehab Houses with Dennis Anderson

An interview that I did while traveling back to my old hometown of Omaha, NE with my friend and former classmate, Dennis Anderson.

In this interview, Dennis Anderson, who is a realtor, rehabber and a wholesale real estate investor was interviewed about how he:

1. Got into wholesaling and real estate.
2. How he made the jump into rehabbing houses (ie. Fixing and Flipping Houses for Profit)
3. The 2 sources that he uses to fund the purchase and the rehabs of his real estate properties.
4. And different sources that can help you if you are wanting to ever get into rehabbing houses for profit.

Enjoy and be blessed!  :)

Daniel Wiafe House Flipping Ninja & House Flipping Coach

FLIPPING PROBATE HOUSES – How Adura Sanya Made $120,000 in ONE MONTH Flipping Probate Houses

I was recently able to interview Adura Sanya of in San Diego.

Adura Sanya is definitely the probate deal ninja!

In the first month of January 2014… this guy was able to make $120,000 off of flipping just 3 deals in Philadelphia.

In the video…. Adura Sanya gives us some killer house flipping tips that you should definitely pay attention to… if you want to start flipping homes that are in probate.

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FLIPPING MOBILE HOMES – How to Flip Mobile Homes

Hey everybody, hope you’re doing well!


In this new video post… I am delving into the arena and world of flipping mobile homes!

Mobile homes are awesome for us as house flippers to target… just because of the very fact that they are WAAAAAAAY cheaper to purchase than your run-of-the-mill property. In many cases, you can nab up a mobile home to flip for $3,000 to $5,000… or even less.

Once you get these mobile homes purchased with your own money or using somebody else’s money… you can easily flip it to an end buyer for $10,000 to $30,000… depending on how new the model of the mobile home is… and it’s condition and location.

All in all… you get FANTASTIC value when you flip mobile homes. Hope this video blog post helps you out.

Any questions… please feel free to ask below!

Be blessed!  :)

Daniel Wiafe House Flipping Ninja & House Flipping Coach




HOW TO FLIP HOUSES: Getting Cash Buyers on Your List

Happy New Years 2014 to you!

I hope that everything is going awesome and great for you in your personal life… as wel as in your business life.

In this video, I answer a reader question from Herlan… in which they ask, “What is the best way to get a cash buyer on your list”.

Enjoy this video… enjoy your life… and I will see you later.

Be blessed!  :)

Daniel Wiafe House Flipping Ninja & House Flipping Coach